Entry terms for all events

Standard Entry £150.00

The £150.00 standard entry is without accommodation, and mostly suitable for those living in the United Kingdom as they can travel back home by own car or public transport.

International Entry £350.00 with accommodation

For international applicants attending just this one-day event, you may wish to consider £350.00 to include two nights for accommodation.  The address information of where you will stay during your visa application may be necessary. Therefore, if you are applying from outside the UK you may consider this option, or make your own accommodation arrangements in good time, if you choose to pay £150.00. In the case you do not obtain the visa document, we will refund you with £35.00 admin fee deducted.

Exhibitor £250.00

You will have space for a table and two roller banners. You will also have 10mins maximum to speak to the audience.

If you are travelling from abroad the same conditions apply as above in Standard entry including refunds.

Enterprise Week, £1500.00

13th to 15th and 17th th June 2023(inclusive)

Note: 16th June is allowed for your independent follow ups with others and make connections.

£1500.00 includes accommodation, conferences, workshops and tours(tour transport inclusive). You buy your own food, and transport outside our own program is not included. During tours only light onboard refreshments will be given beyond that buy your own tastes. These are pre-arranged. In case of failure to obtain your visa if you are travelling from outside the UK, we will refund you less £70.00 administration fee.


These packages are for only one day event: breakfast to lunch, or buffet dinner, at high profile meetings, usually held at a prestigious hotel in the UK, where we invite a government minister to focus on particular investment needs of a country.

Platinum:  You sit with the minister and have a meal in the VIP lounge

Have a speaking  session within and priority engagement.

Gold: You sit next row after the platinum with the minister in the VIP section of the conference room, and will have a meal with the minister.

Have a speaking  session within and priority engagement.

Silver: You are 5 rows away from the minister

Bronze: The general seats within the auditorium.

No speaking slot.

“All classes of tickets can participate in deal and investment expression of interest during the networking process. Formalities can be accomplished through the event organisers”

Refund policies are slightly different from the others. Here we deduct 15% of your fee upon refund. All refunds are visa related and must be informed at least 7 days before the event. Within 30 to 90 days of claim all your refunds will be processed.