Terms & Conditions

Construction focused business project reviews and linkages to finance.

Disclaimer:  Note: We do not provide financial advice, but we can sign post you to our FCA regulated consortia members who have the licence to do that.

In, Construction focused business project reviews and linkages to finance, this category we specialise, through the AYB250 consortium, in reviewing construction based projects and then link you to a potential financier or an investor. Our role is to help review your business plan and/or project proposal.


Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD, Will charge a fee for project review as an upfront non-refundable fee. The fee is a service fee to review your project, where recommendations will be made for your improvement or review of viability. Two tier fees are;

a: for user members of Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD, they pay a discounted fee.

b: non-members pay a commercial fee.

The purpose of project review varies from customer to customer, and it is this purpose that will determine the level and depth of project proposal scrutiny-hence the service fee to pay. These are normally an agreed percentage of the project value.

The process and conditions you are agreeing to, when you submit your project, are as described and stated in this section, and the subsequent next level NDA/MOUs when full engagements are agreed. You will have an input in the MOU/NDAs.

Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD, has several consortia that it works with

  1. AYB250 Consortium–mainly focused on the infrastructure project related. Also within the consortium there are regulated financing companies that we link with, which are approached through third parties for any project that requires huge volume investment.
  2. Accounting and Financing Firms:We work with various firms from whom we buy certain services and to whom we might also link you, under the linkage services (see later).


In Construction focused business project reviews and linkages to finance, this category we specialise, through the AYB250 consortium, in reviewing construction based projects and then recommend or link to a potential financier or an investor. Our role is to help review your business plan and or project.

The process of project or business submission for review

  1. 3. First, email the intention to info@amakayabwingi.org, with heading: Project Review. In the body include the purpose (why do you want, Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD, to review your project? e.g business growth tracking, a new investor wants to see a professional business plan, I want to submit to lenders for a business loan, etc)
  2. We will acknowledge: by reply to sayyes it is something we can do from our consortia, or no we do not have the capacity.
  3. If it is a yes,we will ask you to pay the project review fees up front; then we will allocate you an expert person or a team to work with you. You will be given a first meeting either face to face in body or via skype or telephone.
  4. We will ask you to send the whole project proposal you have written in full, and a confidentiality agreement, by both parties, is signed: meaning we will not disclose to a third part of your business details that you do not want to be in the public domain.(Note:projects are very similar in the modern world, and as long as your name is not mentioned, a project discussion you may hear about, say in television programmes we run or conference presentations or discussion, means that it is not your project being discussed.
  5.  During the project review, the next level or steps may be necessary as a positive outcome:
  6. We can recommend from our sources who can further be interested as a potential investor
  7. If you are happy to learn about the diverse range of our skills and technical and expert know how, to move the project to the next level of functionality, and you fill that Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD and or the consortia members can be involved in the next level for mutual benefits, you are welcome to make that proposal, or accept our proposition. Anything that arises from that point does not invalidate the fees that you had already paid and you are yet to pay, for any other services that arise, or may arise.
  8. You indemnify, Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD, from future project process failure.You should not fail to provide further documentation or any materials, which you may be asked by a third party member, whom Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD had appointed directly or indirectly to move your project forward. If you do fail, it may affect your project outcome, and Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD is indemnified against any loss or failure. Therefore, all the fees paid will have been the value of the level of consultation that you had required. If Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD referred you to a third party who is a financier, or another  service provider, at that point you will directly go and abide by their own terms and conditions, which has nothing to do with Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD. Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD will be careful to introduce you to credible service providers.
  9. Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD is an ethical business and also supports ethical businesses and we will not invest in non ethical products or services.
  10. Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD, reserves the right to turn down your application for review, if the project does not comply to ethical codes of international business trade, and if the project will harm the environment or has the potential to cause concern in any state or country where it is to be implemented, or it is a project beyond the capacity of Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD  and her consortia partners, in knowledge and skill or volumes exceed the level we are legally allowed to handle or falls outside the business objectives of Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD.
  11. By accepting to a reply to our email: info@amakayabwingi.orgor any business associated emails even the other web based emails under this subject, from us to do business with you, and you return emails, you agree to do business with us; whether you have printed these terms and conditions, signed or not signed, you have agreed to work with Amaka Ya Bwingi Ltd under these terms and conditions.