The Primary Services

1. Regular workshops and conferences in various places. Here we fulfill the four pillars of Amaka Ya Bwingi which are: Promotion, Education, Linking and Innovation

Each workshop and a conference is  a fee paying event.

See a past conference businesses being promoted through pitching:

Dedicated Secondary Services

2. Project Review

Here we review your project proposal as in your business plan.

3. Introduction Services

We introduce you to potential business partners and/or financiers. There is a fee for all our services or as the case might be a collaborative arrangement depending on the nature and viability of the business.

We also travel to various parts of the world in particular Africa to introduce our customers to v partners and local authorities after gathering sufficient business intelligence based on your needs

4. Construction focused business project reviews and linkages to finance. 

In this category we specialise, through the AYB250 consortium, in reviewing construction based projects and then recommend or link to a potential financier or an investor. Our role is to help review your business plan and or project before we introduce you to an appropriate business partner.

5. Business mentorship and personal development

6. Note: We do not provide financial advice, but we can sign post you to our FCA regulated consortia members who have the licence to do that.

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Applying for any services listed

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The consultancy services are handled by the group and each one service is unique and will be assigned to the appropriate company or an individual consultant, and there after where applicable you will enter into an agreement with the selected company and their indicated fees when you both agree. Thank you.


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