Embassy Impact

High Commissions have a platform, on Amaka Ya Bwingi Business Network, in the following way, as exemplified by the Zambian High commission, who in the last 11 years have continued attending the annual conferences. See Video Clip.

Some roles of Embassies and High Commissions(not exhaustive) on our platform include to:

1. Reach their Diaspora migrants to the UK, with a message of investment

2. Maintain regular contact with their country people living abroad and give motivation to invest in their country of origin as well

3. Update, regularly, of the ongoing business and investment opportunities on the ground in their country of origin

4. Obtain feedback that can be of help in shaping Diaspora Policy and more meaningful information, that people living in the Diaspora can be of value to the ongoing development in their own countries

5. Attracting other investors, known as FDI, present on the platform of Amaka Ya Bwingi and related organisations to invest in the country of origin.

The video clips you see here are examples of how Amaka Ya Bwingi has impacted the consulates positively.

In 2015, we had the honour of having the Nigerian High Commission in attendance, who also informed of prospective investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Amaka Ya Bwingi Business Network is now a pan African and British platform, where businesses from all walks of ethical lives meet and do business together, with corporate social responsibility(CSR).